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This video is the PART 3 – 15july2012 – of the Low-educational level of ICC-employees.

All ICC-employees must publish in detail their level of education, job-experience & lifetime-experience.
I mean; a 100% copy of their official documents, of the University they studied at.

It appears that ICC-prosecutors, – registars &- judges are low-educated.

This causes more terrorism & economical disasters.

I link the website of the Open University.
This site gives an overlook of courses to be finished for a Bachelor & Masters in Law.

For a Bachelor in Law one must have 180 EC with grade C or higher – 4200-5040 studyhours.
For a Mastern in Law one must have 60EC withrade C or higher – 1400-1680 studyhours

When you want to become a Laywers in NL – working in a court – a student who completed the 240 EC, must start a Traineeship within a Lawyersoffice.
Organized & proved of by the Barcouncil.

Its takes between 6 – 8 years of study before a person is an independent operating Lawyer, fit to run an office.

I link webpages of the Open University.

2 for Bachelor in Law
2 for Master in Law