How to Start Your Own Business in 2021 | Episode 1 – Small Business 101


Want to learn how to start your own business in 2021? This video will teach you everything you need to know! Plus, I’m excited to announce that this is the start of our brand new series, “Small Business 101.” ???

This video series is going to walk you through all the basics of starting your own, online business in 2021 — and it’s free!

It’s for you if you’re just starting out (or haven’t even started yet at all), and will give you a “fast-track” business education.

It’s also for entrepreneurs who are a little further along in their journey… but want a refresher of the fundamentals (and to double-check they didn’t miss any steps of the process).

Where are YOU in the process of building your business? Be sure to leave a comment under the video to let me know!

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