Greece Armed Forces on alert as tensions with Turkey heat up



Greece’s Armed Forces were placed in a state of absolute readiness after the Turkish navy performed maritime exercises off the island of Rhodes as Ankara’s research ship the Oruc Reis continues its oil exploration.

Hellenic Navy and Air Force deployed in the wider sea area near Turkish warship formation, Greek newspaper Kathimerini said.

According to media reports, Turkey has sent the military ships and Oruc Reis to begin a survey in the disputed area of the eastern Mediterranean.


Currently, Oruc Reis remains in the Greece shelf.

Ankara says that it is conducting a survey while Greece insists that such a survey is blocked by the noise of warships engaged in the area.

Also reports that Hellenic Navy warships have lined up against Turkey warships accompanying research vessel Oruc Reis, both Greece and Turkey have ISTAR assets airborne at this time.

The area of the eastern Mediterranean may have rich reserves of hydrocarbons and Turkey is eager to exploit them.

Turkish movements to investigate these hydrocarbon reserves has antagonized Athens.


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