Government launches €3,000 apprenticeship incentive scheme



Employers can claim €3,000 in return for taking on apprentices under a new scheme that will be launched by the Government today.

The new financial incentive scheme will be available for business owners who have registered a new apprentice between March and the end of the year

Over 18,000 people are currently doing apprenticeships and the Government wants to increase that number across a range of sectors.

The apprenticeships cover a wide range of sectors including electrical, construction, engineering, healthcare, information technology and financial services.

The scheme, launched by Minister for Higher Education Simon Harris, is designed to increase the number of apprenticeships across the country and increase employment.

Mr Harris said: “Our ambition is to see that number grow and the Government provided funding for this new incentive for employers in the July stimulus package.”

Mr Harris said the apprenticeships will “play a key part in Ireland’s recovery and our country’s future”.


“It is a really exciting option for people of different ages, genders and backgrounds, career changers and school leavers, to forge brilliant careers for themselves,” he added.

Mr Harris encouraged all employers to consider the “win-win” scheme.

It will see employers receive €2,000 up front for each new apprentice taken on and a further €1,000 in 12 months if the apprentice is still in employment.


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