Germany’s Health Minister tests positive for COVID-19



German Health Minister Jens Spahn has tested positive for the coronavirus and went into self-isolation at home with “cold-like symptoms,”, the country’s Health Ministry said on Wednesday. 

Earlier in the day, Spahn, 40, had attended a Federal Cabinet in Berlin and all those in contact with the Minister had been informed but will not be requested to go into quarantine, a government spokesperson said. 

“The Federal Cabinet meets in compliance with hygiene and distance rules, which aim to ensure that even if a person who later tests positive were to participate, quarantining of other or even all participants would not be necessary,” the government spokesperson added.

In mid-October Spahn got an influenza injection at Berlin’s Charite Hospital and announced that the country had ordered additional 6 million doses of flu vaccines to prevent shortages and to reduce the risk of simultaneous influenza and COVID-19 outbreaks.


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