Force USA MyRack Modular Power rack Lifestyle


Your MyRack, Your Workout, Your Choice. This Power Rack is a Custom Rack builder meaning YOU choose all of the attachments from the ground up. You start with this base unit and then click on each item that you would like. Of course should you need some help in making a choice, or need to know more, why not call one of our resident experts for some help?
With over 20 different options to choose from and over 100 different rack variations you can create your own personalised rack to suit your specifications. Your options are endless with an assortment of chin-up bars, J-Hooks, Safeties and Cable attachments.
The Force USA MyRack is also the first Force USA power rack to offer a Monolift, lat pull down seat with knee holder and a globe grip chin-up bar for improving your grip strength! With safety’s stronger than any weight you will be benching or squatting, so you can rest assured that you will be safe as you push out your 1RM.
The Force USA MyRack is the only custom power rack manufactured using state or the art fully automated laser cutting and robotic welding technology. Each production run is tested to meet our rigorous safety standards and weight ratings to deliver the safest and highest quality power rack to your training facility