Family Law Education For Women (FLEW)


Video Transcript:

Family Law Education for Women (FLEW) and residents of Ontario

FLEW may be of interest or use to you, if…
1) You have experienced violence from a love-partner.
2) You are afraid for your child’s physical and mental safety because of violence at home.
3) You don’t know where to get help with a Family Law problem.
4) You don’t know your rights and responsibilities under Family Law.

FLEW provides culturally competent legal information for Indigenous women, and multilingual
resources including some information in American Sign Language (ASL) videos, and audio
format for hard-of-hearing people and individuals with low literacy language skills.
Some Family Law topics and related areas of other laws in Ontario, include:
 Child Custody and Access
 Child Support
 Family Law and Arbitration
 Family Law and Criminal Law
 Family Law Issues for Immigrant, Refugee and Non-status Women
 Find Help with your Family Law Problem
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This message is sponsored by METRAC: Action on Violence, Community Justice Program – a
provider of high-quality legal information in easy to understand language for women, youth,
trans and non-binary people at higher risk of gender-based violence and barriers to justice.
Note: METRAC does not provide legal advice. We provide only Legal Information to the public.