Excalibur Army unveils new 155mm wheeled self-propelled howitzer



Czech defense contractor EXCALIBUR ARMY officially unveiled its new 155mm 8×8 wheeled self-propelled howitzer called the DITA.

“What you see in the picture is a new addition to our howitzer family, the 155mm DITA. We are working hard to help you make your personal acquaintance soon,” the command said in a social media post Monday.

Currently, EXCALIBUR ARMY offers a range of self-propelled howitzer class artillery guns with 122, 152 calibers available and 155mm DITA is a new addition to the company howitzer family.


The new protected howitzer combines the firepower with the protection and mobility of the Tatra-based wheeled armoured vehicle. It can fire conventional munitions up to 35 km, and currently fielded precision-guided munitions in excess of 50 km.

The 155 DITA gun featuring high speed in taking up and leaving the firing position, greater accuracy and excellent hard terrain crossability.

The new artillery systems based at combat-proven DANA howitzer and is equipped with a powerful Onboard Control System which contains subsystems of diagnostics, navigation, automatic gun aiming, autonomous calculation of shooting elements and ammunition selection subsystem.

The new howitzer will be publicly displayed at the IDEX 2021 international exhibition.


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