Education Pandemonium: Schooling in the Age of COVID-19


People are rethinking the factory model of education and seeing that there could be a lot of benefits to the one-on-one environment in a home school setting, and then also the benefits of a micro school or a pandemic pod.

People and families are seeing that the government isn’t providing a service that they would have provided previously, and they know that they need to return back to work, and they need their children to get an adequate education at the same time, and the school system isn’t providing that.

Families are seeing that they did a lot of the work themselves in the spring, and that if their schools aren’t reopening at all, they’re understanding that it doesn’t really make a lot of sense to continue having the funding that’s meant for educating the child to go to the government run school building, despite it not reopening and providing an adequate education to their children.

Some of that money should go to them in the form of an education savings account, and follow the child to wherever they’re getting an adequate education, whether that be a public school, a private school or a home school setting.

This would lead to more equity in the school system because it’s true that in the current system where the money doesn’t follow the child, the least advantaged will be the least likely to access these systems.

But if you did have the money follow the child, and we funded the students directly, less advantaged families would have access to these options as well.

The money isn’t for propping up the government monopoly, it’s for educating students, and the school funding mechanisms should reflect that reality.