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1. On January 11, 2,404 new cases of corona were reported in the UAE, taking the total number of corona patients in the country to 232,982. A total of 2252 people recovered on Monday, while a total of 208,366 people have recovered from Corona. On 11 January, 03 people lost their lives in the uae, from which its figure has reached 711. The number of active cases is 23,905.

2. Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has started a new smoking cessation clinic at Nad Al Hamr Health Center. Along with this, three smoking cessation clinics are being run by DHA, the other two in Al Twar and Al Barsha.

3. In 2020, at least 587 industrial establishments were fined or warned by Ajman Municipality for environmental violations.

This action was taken during 2,267 inspections, which were carried out by the department throughout the year.

Ajman Municipality Director General Abdulrahman Al Nuaimi said the inspections were carried out throughout the year and aimed at reducing illegal activities and maintaining the general appearance of the city.

4. The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) announced that – UAE currently has 6,176 generic medicines.

Let me tell you that compared to branded medicines, the cost of generic medicines is about 60% less, which helps the patients to get affordable treatment.

There are 16 factories in the medical and pharmaceutical industry in the country, and three other factories for intravenous fluids, laboratories and medical supplies intravenous fluids, laboratories, and medical supplies.

5. Passengers flying from Dubai to Scotland will undergo a 10-day quarantine according to the latest advisory by the Government of Scotland.

The rule will come into effect from 4 am on Monday 11 January.

Also, passengers who have traveled from Dubai to Scotland after 3 January.

International travel restrictions have been updated.

6. Due to the closure of the airport worldwide, many of the stranded Indians in UAE took buses from Riyadh to their Destinations to go to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

On Sunday, Gulf News said in its report that around 600 Indian migrants from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait were sheltered by 2 community groups in the UAE due to the sudden airport closure in both neighboring countries last month.

Around 350 people were sheltered in a building under the Ministry of Health and Prevention in Ajman by the UAE Kerala Muslim Cultural Center (KMCC). At the same time, 250 migrants were stationed at Dubai Investment Park of the Indian Cultural Foundation in Dubai Markaz Center in collaboration with Asa Group, a construction firm.

7. Most of the stranded Indians are laborers working on agriculture, construction sites etc. They started going back from last week but due to high fares many people had to book their affordable tickets again.

Gulf News reported UAE KMCC National Committee President Puthur Rahman said, “So far 54 people have been taken to Riyadh by bus and 29 are leaving.” The last bus will leave on the night of 12 January.

ICF Volunteer Captain Lucman Mangad said that 70 passengers were dispatched in 3 buses over the weekend. Except for a few people from Kuwait, all the others have left, those who remain are waiting for their flights.

Explain that the Indian Consulate in Dubai has given financial assistance of 30,000 dirhams to KMCC to help evacuate the stranded people.

8. Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) urged people to make alternative arrangements due to temporary closure of the track portion in the area behind the last Exit, using the Al Kudra cycle track.

According to the RTA, the cycling track will be closed from 7am to 6pm on Monday and during the Al Salam Cycling Championship on Tuesday.

The RTA has urged users to use other routes.

9. Saudi Arabia’s city Hail and its surrounding suburbs have been flooded due to heavy rains. Some videos posted on social media have seen heavy flood situation in Hail and surrounding areas. Flood water has filled the city considerably and has caused a lot of damage.

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