"Donald Trump is the only game in town" US religious right leader Allan C. Carlson | Conflict Zone


The spotlight is on America’s religious right for their full-throated endorsement of Donald Trump as president. The conservative Christian group, the World Congress of Families (WCF), opposes LGBT rights, abortion and gay marriage. The WCF has been categorized as a hate group. WCF founder, Allan Carlson, says Trump is the only option in the next election, despite his flaws. The WCF is also active in promoting its agenda outside of the US. Carlson defends the group’s record in Russia, Africa and Europe.

00:00 Introduction
01:36 Is the WCF a hate group?
03:45 Crackpot bigotry: anti-gay legislation in Uganda
07:45 Anti-LGBT legislation in Nigeria: 10 years in jail for being gay
10:20 Russia’s anti-gay “propaganda” law
11:45 Hate crimes against LGBT people in Russia
16:10 Invasion of Crimea: “one has to choose one’s issues.”
18:10 Turning a blind eye to repression on a grand scale
20:40 Funding from Russia
22:01 Trump may be the best we can do
23:45 He’s been better than I anticipated
25:30 Credits


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