Covid Health Passport launched by Irish-based firm to begin national trials



An Irish based firm will be the first to launch a digital platform aimed at increasing Covid-19 testing for businesses and the public.

The ROQU Group, based in Dublin, has announced the pilot launch of the Health Passport Ireland, which is said to deliver test results in 15 minutes.

The system will be downloadable on mobile devices, with users able to display or scan their Covid status whenever needed.

If the user has tested negative, a green status will show on their profile, which turns to amber when it is time to be re-tested.

The system was engineered in Ireland and it is hoped that the Health Passport will allow people to continue daily activities, working with all official Covid-19 test types.

A national trial of the system will now take place with participants including Tallaght University Hospital, Keogh’s Farm, Emerald Freight and a number of GPs.

President of ROQU, Robert Quirke said: “In the past week alone, unfortunately we’ve seen continued frustration and disappointment as restrictions have again been tightened due to continued spread of Covid-19.

“Health Passport Ireland is designed to put a safety net in place where none currently exists, allowing our economy to recover and thrive in a more safely controlled environment.

“It is a world-first innovation, proudly engineered in Ireland to the highest standards, that will enable business and society to finally move forward. The game changer has finally arrived,” added Mr Quirke.

The ROQU Group has announced that, in addition to Ireland, the Health Passport platform will be launched in the US, UK, Italy, Kenya and Germany, with other locations to follow.


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