Coronavirus in the USA: Trump's downfall? | To the point


A superpower laid low by the coronavirus: Infections in the USA continue to rise and the economy is on life support. Will the pandemic cost President Trump the election?

Guests: Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson (KCRW Radio Berlin), Matthew Karnitschnig (Politico), Daniel Hamilton (Johns Hopkins University)

Daniel Hamilton is a professor for Poltical Science at Johns Hopkins University. Currently he is a Robert Bosch-Fellow in Berlin. He says: “Pandemic, recession, systemic racism — all made worse by Donald Trump. It’s a combustible brew.” 
Matthew Karnitschnig is chief Europe correspondent for „Politico“. His view: „The pandemic is Trump’s Waterloo. The main question now is not if he will lose, but rather by how much.”
Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson is program director at KCRW, a Radio station based here in Berlin and affiliated with the US broadcaster NPR. And she says: „Donald Trump’s performance regarding COVID-19 may not matter, because recessions lead to reelection losers.“ 


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