Chinese new anti-tank missile carrier spotted in mountainous plateau region



The latest version of anti-tank guided missile carrier vehicle of the People’s Liberation Army was spotted participating in a recent exercise in a mountainous plateau region.

Footage has appeared of a new Chinese 4×4 multi-role, all-terrain light armoured vehicle used to carry an HJ-10 missile launcher during a live-fire test at the elevation of 4, 500 meters.

The new missile launcher can reach the maximum design speed in marching, with no need to worry about the rollover accident caused by overspeed. In addition, the new FAW chassis is more cost-effective with a lower price compared to ZBD-04 tracked platform or ZBL-09 wheeled vehicle, so the procurement cost can be reduced to a considerable extent while ensuring equivalent firepower.


The new multi-missile launcher included two ready-for-launch HJ-10 fire-and-forget missiles which have a stand-off range of 10km and all-weather performance, enabling the weapon to effectively prosecute enemy tank formations.

According to open sources, the HJ-10 missile is intended to defeat the latest armored targets such as main battle tanks (MBTs), various fortifications and low-velocity aerial targets using a variety of warheads and guidance systems.

Such wheeled chassis also used as bases for China’s new generation of 155mm and  122mm vehicle-mounted howitzers.


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