Chinese new 122mm self-propelled howitzer spied on the road



The new Chinese wheeled self-propelled howitzer system has been spotted on the road this week.

The footage, which was released on 23 August on the Social media service Weibo, shows a military convoy of a new type of 122mm wheeled self-propelled howitzer based on a 6×6 cross country light chassis.

New self-propelled howitzer reportedly features of 122mm howitzer mounted on the rear end of modified CSK181 protected mobility vehicle chassis. The CSK181 is a new generation of the Mengshi armoured vehicles entering service with the People’s Liberation Army. It and similar vehicles are used by light combined arms brigades to transport infantry and offer fire support.


The new artillery system is fitted with a five-seater armour cabin mounted at the front of the chassis which provides protection for the crew against small arms firing and shell splinters. Each side of the crew compartment is equipped with two forward opening doors, with a large bulletproof window in the upper part. The front of the crew cabin has two large bulletproof windows that provide the same level protection as the crew compartment of the vehicle.


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