China orders 121 more Russian helicopters



China laced a new order with JSC Russian Helicopters for additional rotorcraft, the aerospace group Rostec said in its newly released annual report.

According to the company’s annual report, earlier in 2019, JSC Russian Helicopters, a Rostec subsidiary, signed a record contract for the supply of new helicopters to China. The contract covers 121 new aircraft.

Within the contract, awarded from the Chinese government and private structures, the company will supply 68 Mi-171 helicopters (including upgraded Mi-171E), 18 Mi-171Sh helicopters (military transport), 14 Mi-171 helicopters with a VK-2500 engine, 21 Ansat helicopters.


A large part of ordered helicopters is intended for the needs of the People’s Liberation Army.

It is worth mentioning that the fist Chinese Mi-171SH hecliopters were spotted in the report of the Chinese TV channel Phoenix news on the activities of the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant.


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