Canadian International Test Pilots School views FA-50 to replace its L-39 trainers



On Tuesday, Canada’s International Test Pilots School (ITPS)has announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Korean Aerospace Industries to promote the KAI FA-50 for tactical and adversary training.

According to a pilot’s school news release, the ITPS views T-50 / FA-50 supersonic advanced trainers and light combat aircraft as the most optimal replacement for its aging fleet of Aero L-39 used for tactical & adversarial training.

ITTC operates a fleet of Aero Vodochody L-39 featuring upgraded avionics for the FLIT program.


“The KAI FA-50 is a great aircraft!” says ITPS President Giorgio Clementi. “The aircraft’s performance, flying qualities and mission capabilities make it the ideal platform for tactical and adversary training missions and a great fit for ITPS to replace our L-39 fleet. A new aircraft supported by the manufacturer and with the associated engineering and logistical support ensures reliable and cost-effective operations into the future. The FA-50 is a winner and we are delighted to be collaborating with KAI!”

ITPS offers a range of training courses for Test Pilots and Flight Test Engineers. ITPS has an established track record of providing cost-effective flight test training to air forces and civilian industry around the world.

Furthermore, ITPS collaborates with military customers for final project evaluations on military aircraft.

Photo by International Test Pilots School


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