British Army deployed upgraded Foxhound vehicles to Bosnia and Herzegovina



The British Army has deployed its upgraded Foxhound armoured vehicles to Bosnia and Herzegovina in support of Exercise Quick Response 2020.

The purpose of the exercise is to test and demonstrate the European Union Force’s ability to quickly gain reinforcements and deploy forces to ensure continued security and stability. “Quick Response 2020.” will be held throughout the country, in close cooperation with local authorities, law enforcement agencies and the Bosnia and Herzegovina Armed Forces.

British army Foxhound armoured vehicles and other support vehicles were delivered to Sarajevo Int Airport together with spare parts instruments and accessories by one of Antonov Airlines’ An-124 cargo plane.


The Foxhound vehicles, assigned to the British Army’s Parachute Regiment, are at the cutting edge of protected patrol vehicle technology and provides unprecedented levels of blast protection for its size and weight.

This vehicle has been utilised on operations worldwide, including in Afghanistan and Iraq, and various training exercises, including cold-weather deployment in Norway.


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