Belarus to receive BTR-82A armoured personnel carriers from Russia



The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Belarus announced on 24 August that Armed Forces will receive a batch of modern BTR-82A armoured personnel carriers from Russia.

The Belarusian Armed Forces have signed agreements with the Russian Military-Industrial Company (VPK) to deliver BTR-82As, the republic’s Defense Ministry reported on Monday.

The document was signed at the Army-2020 international military and technical forum in Russia.


The BTR-82A is an advanced variant of Soviet-designed BTR-80 with an upgraded protection system that increases its survivability. The BTR-82A is also equipped with an improved fire extinguishing system that improves safety in case of fire and explosion. To increase the comfort of the crew, the BTR-82A is equipped with air-conditioning system, which also serves to optimize operations conditions of electronic devices of the vehicle. The BTR-82A is fully amphibious, and an overpressure NBC system, night vision equipment and a central tire-pressure regulation system are fitted.


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