Belarus’ long-range missile systems spotted near Lithuanian border



The Belarus’ Army has begun deploying heavy artillery systems, main battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and other equipment to the Lida region, close to the Lithuanian border.

Moreover, several residents have released on social media images showed the latest Belarusian multiple launch rocket systems in the Lida region.

The Polonez is a long-range missile system designed to destroy openly located and concealed manpower, unarmored and armored military equipment, artillery, rocket and anti-aircraft missile systems, aviation equipment at home-based airfields and other objects at a range from 50 km to 200 km with high accuracy.


The MLRS carries two sets of quadruple launchers housing 300mm solid propellant rockets in ready-to-launch positions.

Also, several Tochka-U tactical ballistic missile systems alongside other military equipment were reportedly spotted on a highway in the Minsk region.

Belarus’ army plans to hold drills over Aug. 17-20 near the country’s nuclear plant and in the Grodno region bordering Poland and Lithuania, the RIA news agency reported on Sunday, citing the defence ministry.

It also said that the Belarus’ army will train to strengthen the country’s western border as part of the drills.


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