Belarus develops new light armored vehicle



The Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant has announced that it developed a new light armored vehicle, called that VOLAT MZKT-490101.

The new light-armored vehicle intended for the carriage of personnel and special weapon complexes.

MZKT-490101, with the wheel drive 4×4, strengthened frame and platform for operation in the conditions of cross-country and off-roads, has a platform length 5700 mm and carrying capacity is 1800 kg.


The new light armoured vehicle is powered by a 6-liter Doosan DL06 engine (Korea) and 6-speed automatic hydromechanical transmission Allison (USA). The engine provides an output power of 215hp at 2,600rpm, allowing the vehicle to attain speeds up to 120km/h.

The use of imported engine, transmission and transfer case, as well as climatic performance from -15 ° C to + 55 ° C indicates that the new vehicle is oriented for export supplies. MZKT-490101 has a modular layout, as well as a new design.

The crew cabin is located next to the engine room in the forward portion of the vehicle, while the troop compartment is positioned at the rear. Both the crew and passenger areas are fitted with two separate doors on either side, with bullet-resistant glass windows.

The five-seater tactical vehicle also offers a high level of protection for crew and occupants from landmine blasts and improvised explosive devices.

The bulletproof glass windows and blast attenuating seats further increase the survivability of the occupants.

The vehicle can be configured to perform roles such as combat, reconnaissance, command and control, armoured personnel carrier, patrol, ambulance, and logistics. It offers high mobility and superior off-road performance.



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