Answering your Insta Questions : Top Most Frequently asked Questions on Education, Jobs & Career.


Yesterday we had an “Ask me Anything” Q&A Session on Instagram & there were 100s of Doubts & Video Ideas. Here I’ve picked the most Asked Qs.

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Questions answered in this video are :

Q1. Can we continue studies after becoming cabin crew ?

Q2. Can a Small town person become flight attendant? A fresher with no experience for job who has not even seen aircraft/ Airport?

Q3. Gap in Studies and job, Can it be a problem in career?

Q4. What subjects should i take in 11th 12th or Graduation to become Cabin Crew?

Q5. You have so much knowledge then why don’t you join as Cc?

Q6. Which is the Best Airlines to join/ Work for in India?

Q7. Online jobs that we Find on Indeed, Monster,,, Quikr jobs.. are they real or fake?