An open letter from a European parliamentarian



Dear citizens of the European Union,

I am addressing you in a public open letter in the hopes that it will reach a large number of you. I want everyone to know the reason why the European Parliament is punishing me because it too punishes you.

Namely, there are more than 120 million poor citizens in Europe today, a million in Croatia alone. After this crisis, there will be even more. What will all of these people eat? How will all these people pay for electricity and water? More than 200,000 children in Croatia are below the poverty line. Hungry children do not have basic conditions for development. Lack of concentration, stress, malnutrition, sadness… are just some of the consequences of poverty. These children do not have the same chances for life as those of rich families.

The crisis of 2008 brought Croatia a wave of foreclosures, frozen accounts, evictions. Tens of thousands of lives destroyed through the fault of the inappropriate distribution of wealth in the world. Today we are facing a new crisis. Far greater than it was in 2008. The wave of poverty caused by the new crisis is predicated to destroy hundreds of millions of fates around the world.

State of the European Union – Debate

The only solution to get out of this crisis, to save the economy and human lives, to prevent all crises in the future is a universal basic income for all. Unconditional and protected from foreclosure. That’s what I’m fighting for. For you. That is why I have earned a sanction in the European Parliament and I will probably get it again. Because I will not give up until poverty is eradicated. It is not just an economic, but also a civilizational issue of the 21st century.

Today when the handful of the rich have more than the billion of the poor, the distribution of wealth is a systemic problem. It is more than ever necessary to take from the pockets of those who have too much and pour into the hands of those who have almost nothing.

Universal basic income is the monthly income for every adult citizen in an amount sufficient to cover basic living needs. If, as a civilization, we can make robots that work instead of humans, we must give all humans a minimum of dignity.

I am bringing together experts, activists and politicians around the world to fight for all of you. There are hundreds of great people who have been working on the Universal Basic Income project for decades. I am not afraid of the European Union, which has done nothing about it and its sanctions. I will probably get sanctions again, as I will insist on changes and the introduction of a universal basic income. Let the European political establishment shed tears freely. We must help the people.

The fight will be faster, strong, and more efficient if the project has your support.


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