Aldi heir launches court action against mother and sisters



One of the heirs of the German supermarket chain, Aldi has accused his family of defrauding the company.

Nicolay Albrecht, the grandson of Aldi founder Theo Albrecht, has brought legal action against his mother and siblings, continuing a long-running feud within the family according to The Irish Times.

In his formal legal complaint, Mr Albrecht accuses his mother, Babette, his two sisters and their lawyer of enriching themselves at the company’s expense and contrary to two legal rulings from 2017 and 2019.

Mr Albrecht claims that he was excluded from the latest of these payouts, reportedly worth approximately €30 million annually.

The supermarket giant has operations in 20 countries, posting an annual profit in excess of €80 billion.

The company was founded by brothers, Theo and Karl Albrecht in 1945, before splitting the company in half in 1961, with each brother taking charge of operations in North and South Germany respectively.

Aldi Süd is the company currently operating in Ireland. Aldi Nord is the company in which Nicolay Albrecht is involved.

While the family had maintained a very low-profile up until recently, following the death of Berthold Albrecht, Theo’s son and Nicolay’s father, Berthold’s widow, Babette has been involved in a number of high-profile court cases, including a case on art swindling.

Earlier this month a new study showed that for the first time Aldi has lost its crown as Germany’s most popular supermarket to the co-operative retailer Edeka.


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