Air Force Helicopter Hit By Gunfire, Crew Member Injured



On Monday an Air Force utility helicopter took ground fire over Virginia, injuring a crew member and prompting an emergency landing, said military and federal officials. An Air Force spokesman said Wednesday that the UH-1N Iroquois helicopter, assigned to Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, was on a routine training trip east of Shenandoah National Park, flying at around 1000 feet during the incident.

The gunfire wounded a crew member and damaged the plane, the spokesman said, prompting a 12:43 pm emergency landing at nearby Manassas Regional Airport. The airport tower informed airport officials about 20 minutes earlier. The aircraft was approaching with an “onboard emergency.”

Airport operations officer Richard Allabaugh told The Washington Post. The reports suggested that one crew member was bleeding from a hand-cut, said Allabaugh.

The crew member treats at a hospital for a “non-threatening injury,”. Also, releases, according to a spokesman for the Washington FBI field office. It’s unclear if a bullet enter the crew member directly, by debris. Or wound in the commotion during the incident, which McClatchy first reportes.

So, after the incident, the FBI said it sent its Evidence Response Team to the airport. Thus, it would investigate the shooting along with investigators from the Air Force. Thus, the UH-1N involves in the incident assigns to the 1st Helicopter Squadron. So, it is at Joint Base Andrews, a workhorse aircraft commonly call as the Huey, the Air Force states.


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