African Union elections: COSUA to petition EU to call France to order



The Coalition of Supporters Unions of Africa (COSUA), is a Pan African NGO, founded on September 7, 2006, in Ghana’s capital Accra, to use sport to build African unity. COSUA is doing this by mobilizing their members from all the 53 countries of Africa to support Africa in all international sporting competitions.

They have the mandate of the African Union and other sub-regional bodies like ECOWAS in fulfilling this mission.

At this moment, COSUA is taking its petition for the postponement of the African Union Commission elections to the doorsteps of France and its president, Emmanuel Macron.

The powerful African Union partner organization, which recently made history by garnering over 28 million signatures in support of its global online petition for the postponement of the African Union elections, intends to go all out to achieve its aims.

Speaking in a telephone interview with New Europe, Advocate Sarfo Abebrese who is founding President of the organization, laid the blame for the current stalemate on France’s undue influence in Africa’s political processes as the European nation continues to support current Chairperson of the A.U.Commission, Mr Faki Moussa Mahamat of Chad to run unopposed for re-election for a second 4-year term.

“We believe that many EU Member States who champion democracy and good governance in Africa and around the world, will hear the cry of the over 1 billion people of Africa and intervene to call France to order and give Africa the break it deserves”, Abebrese said.

“We believe we will not need to proceed to the United Nations with this petition, but if the EU fails to act on it, we will”, Abebrese who is a Ghanaian Attorney of the New York Supreme Court emphasised.

It would be recalled that ever since the African Union Chair fired Her Excellency Arikana Chihombori-Quao from her position as African Union’s ambassador to the US, there has been widespread protests, petitions and demonstrations in Africa and in the diaspora against Mr Mahamat who is widely seen throughout the continent of Africa as a stooge for French imperialism in the continent.

Dr Arikana Chihombori-Quao had earned the sack for daring to expose France’s systematic exploitation of her former African colonies by plundering billions of dollars from them.

New Europe will keep up with developments on this issue and keep readers updated.


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