7.5" AR-15 Pistol / Outdoor Sports USA Pistol Kit w/ BCA Barrel / EP Armory 80% Polymer Lower


In this video I show how the pistol shoots (day and night), accuracy, ammo and over gas issues.

AR Pistol- Parts kit from Outdoor Sports USA. Lower from EP Armory 80% Polymer Lower Receiver EP80-2. Barrel in kit is from Bear Creek Arsenal 1-7 Twist .223 Wylde.

For this over gassed pistol, I did have to change the buffer because it was way too light. Also had to buy a heavy duty extractor, which was necessary because I was going to be shooting steel cased. Why steel case? I did an accuracy test and this pistol likes light varmint ammo around 45-50 grain and heavy 75 grain ammo. Heavy ammo does better at distance out to 200 yards. The light varmint is better for up close, accuracy and expansion, a little more expensive to shoot. Steel ammo cost less than brass. So I found some 75 grain HP Tulammo that cost less than the cheapest brass ammo.
Also with pistols, you have to deal with sound and muzzle flash, so I did some night shooting from 10 to 25 yards to show if it was bad or not. I was still able to hit my targets at night so it wasn’t a big deal.
It could be used as a home defense gun if it is all you have. Limited range, 100 yards 6 MOA, 200 yards a 15″ group with ten shots of 75 grain Tulammo. A fun build and a fun range toy. This is something small I could travel with and leave in the truck.

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