अमेरिका का अनोखा त्यौहार | ??? ????????? | ????? ???????? ?????? | ?????? ?? ??????? | ???? ???????


अमेरिका का अनोखा त्यौहार | ??? ????????? | ????? ???????? ?????? | ?????? ?? ??????? | ???? ???????

This was a porch festival in Somerville 2019. DUe to corona , it didn’t happen outside so I posted this video to cheer up our friends. Lot of artists, who are local and young participate in this event. It is such a joyful event. IF you are in Boston are during May then definitely check this porch festival out.

Note: this video was shot before Corona pandemic.

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Who am I ? : I am a “young” activist from a small village and now live in the USA . I make videos about travelling around nature and many rural villages in the world, our daily life in America , American education , jobs, culture, healthcare and history in Hindi and English mixed. If you open your heart then you will get to see things from different perspective in Hindi.

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